How it works ?

Looking for a perfect fit? Let our team of expert tailors take care of you! We offer custom fittings and alterations to ensure that your clothing looks great - no matter what the occasion.

1.Book an Appointment

Call or email us to schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you! Book an Appointment.

2.Select a Fabric

At the first meeting, we will help you to determine your clothing needs. We'll analyze what's in your closet and figure out which fabrics are best for making new items that look great while also feeling perfect on top of being durable enough so they last through years worth of work occasions!


3.Get Measured

When you step into your new threads, we take 38 measurements that are more than just tape measures. Instead our expert eye determines the perfect fit for every individual based on posture and proportions - which means it can't be done by machine! We don’t stop there though; once all of this hard work has gone into creating one pattern from scratch (which takes some really fancy calculations), they then transfer their skills to making sure each garment fits perfectly as well- because after all: You deserve nothing but excellence.

4. Pick up your order

Within 6-8 weeks your new clothing will be ready for your first fitting. Our showroom is conveniently located in down town Chicago and we will work together to make sure the fit is both comfortable and stylish. If adjustments are needed, we ask for an additional week or two to make the alterations. Once we are pleased with your fit, your follow up orders can be as easy as a phone call.