Offering classic & timeless style was our vision when we first opened our doors of our flagship store "Agriculture" on 43rd & Forrestville in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood. Knowing the heritage of Bronzeville,  where well dressed entertainers, celebrities, & high influential people once lived, performed, partied & walked the streets is why we are very eager to bring a classic style of fashion to this world reknown neighborhood. 

Because of the growth that we have in our business,  We have recen relocated in the goldcoast neighborhood in downtown chicago where our values stays the same in which our everyday locals are our celebrities. We thrive on getting to know each clients everyday lifestyle to insure the "Agriculture's Gentleman's Standard" which is no man will be styled the same.

When the store found its first form, we  remains the most elegant answer to the ever-evolving quest for the definition of male elegance. 

The wide range of collections, designs and ideas, presented in each season makes for a unique and forward–thinking equilibrium between style and trendsetting., 

"Individuality Brings Success"